Automatic MAP Line
Automatic MAP Line
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General ( Automatic MAP Line):
Automatic MAP Line adopts vacuum and gas-flushing for fresh packaging. It use vacuum pump to suck the air out from the tray, then filling the mixed air which can extend the food fresh life.

Application(Automatic MAP Line):
Automatic MAP Line is widely used for meat, fowl, fish, vegetable, fruit and other fresh food, cooked meat, bread and so on. The MAP packing can keep the taste, color, shape, nutrition of food well and extend the fresh life.

Features ( Automatic MAP Line):
1.Control System: Adopt  PLC controller and touch screen, which is convenient for operations and low failure.
2. Main material: Stainless steel 304 ensure beautiful appearance and normally using in bad condition.
3. Various moulds: one machine is suitable for various size trays packing, the mould is changed easily.
4. Filling gas with vacuum replacing: replace the air by vacuum pump, replace effect is better than other mode.
5. The machine can fit various types of films, including the internationally recognized Sealed Cryovac food packaging materials.
6. After the food filled package deliver to the conveyor, it can automatically extracting air, filling gas, sealing and cutting, which is high automation and high efficient.
7. Tectorial membrane pattern of electro-optical tracking, and make sure the full pattern in the package; and it has protection function of no box down, which guarantee the quality of the finished products.
8. Special tray sizes can be customized!

Technical Specification (Automatic MAP Line):




Packing Speed(tray/h)

1000(2 tray per time)

500(1 tray per time)

1300(3 tray per time)

1000(2 tray per time)

Max. Tray Size(mm)

180×120×40(2 tray per time)

255×180×50(1 tray per time)

180×120×40(3 tray per time)

255×180×50(2 tray per time)

Max width of film(mm)



Max diameter of film(mm)


Working Pressure(mpa)


Gas replacement rate


Gas Mixed precision





Gross Weight(kg)



Package Size(mm)

2100×900×1800(No Conveyor)

2100×1100×1900(No Conveyor)

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